Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fiberlicious Birthday Present

In lieu of the standard pictures of my boys (2) and dogs (2), here's a shot of some wonderful merino in a sage colorway -- part of a fiberlicious birthday present from my mother. I'm so impressed: she actually bought this (plus fawn alpaca, cream alpaca, and a salt-and-pepper Norwegian wool) online. Nicely done!

The whole fiber thing started innocently enough with a renewed interest in knitting. In a futile effort to get me to broaden my horizons, my spouse gave me a Kromski Sonata spinning wheel for Christmas. Big mistake.

I have bags of wool that cry out to me everytime I walk by, "Spiiiiinnnn me!" If it weren't for the pesky need to eat, sleep, write, and earn money to buy more to spin, I'd be spinning nonstop. Like baking bread, there's something that's just so fulfilling about spinning individual fibers into a slender cord, then plying two cords together to make yarn, and making a wonderful twisty skein that you can point to with pride, "I made that!" Yes, I know the animals that grew the fibers actually made the fibers; however, I took a mass of miscellaneous fibers and made them bend to my will. Ah ha ha ha ha! [That's supposed to be a megalomaniacal laugh, BTW.]

After bathing sons 1 and 2, dealing with the week's trash, and making sure there's clean clothes for everyone to wear tomorrow, I'll be able to get back to my fiber therapy!

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