Monday, February 12, 2007

Digging "Digging for the Truth"

There's just something about a smart, attractive man that's just so appealing. Josh Bernstein of "Digging for the Truth" pretty much has it all. Here are some reasons to check him ... um, I mean the show, check the show out:

  1. Because each episode is an hour long, Josh has plenty of time for some in-depth reportage. I nearly blew off the show when it began its current run with an episode about Atlantis. I went along for the ride and found myself fascinated by the quest for some hard facts that would prove or disprove once and for all whether Atlantis did, in fact, exist and, if it did, where its remains could be found.

  2. If you love history, this show offers some new facts to some pretty old stories. For example, the recent show about King Tut explored with various experts how the boy-king may have died, laying to rest the long-held belief that Tut may have been murdered by a blow to the head.

  3. The show's host (described as a "survival expert") is very much a hands-on guy. During the Maya episode, he chipped away at a temporary wall first with a hammer, then a crowbar ... while his archeologist guest watched. Later, he waded in some swampy water to gather mud for a floating garden as the Mayans did. When told that he needed to keep his eyes peeled for crocodiles, his only comment was, "For real?"

  4. Josh faced yet another survival challenge when he appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to promote DFTT. He survived unscathed and appeared to enjoy himself. Now that he has Jon's seal of approval, I can watch future Digging episodes with no worries.

  5. Let's face it, Mr. Bernstein is a good-looking guy ... really, really good looking. Nonetheless, he's more interested in learning and adventure than in being a brainless hottie. His interest in history, sociology, psychology, physiology, and other -y's comes through loud and clear ... and that kind of active, curious mind has an appeal to match Josh's handsome face.

Oh, History Channel, you've got yourself a couple of winners there!

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