Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sorry--My Bad!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have angered the god of winter. It's because of my snarky comments yesterday that we're now in the middle of an ice storm. Mea culpa! I was able to kick the latch on our double gate open (it had a thick coat of ice, of course). I shoveled a path down to the street and felt like my heart was going to explode: every half-shovelful weighs at least 10 lbs because the snow is saturated.

Even though I had every intention of going in to work, I decided that no job is worth getting killed over. As I've said, the drivers in these parts are suicide jockeys in inclement weather ... well, anytime, really.

We'll have to see if my sweat and aching back are enough to appease the god's anger.

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