Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Finally ... a Byline!

When you're a writer, it's all about the byline (as in "this article was written by ... me"). For virtually all of my professional career, I've written documents anonymously. In general, you're not going to find user manuals, brochures, newsletters, and other corporate ephemera with the author's name on them.

So, when the "Internets" came along and I started putting out feelers for clients, I found that most of them wanted clips ... or, more often, links to my clips. What to do?

Well, as of last weekend, I now have an article I can link to -- hoorah! I'm now the breastfeeding editor at, a wonderful resource for moms and dads. (First article: "Surprise! Breastfeeding Doesn't Contribute to Breast Sagging") Check it out!

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