Monday, April 21, 2008

Loki, the Lord of Mischief

Meet Loki, our newest addition. The runt of a massive litter (14, I believe), Loki joined us just a week ago Saturday evening. Even though this guy is 4 months old, he's still kind of small, but long and lean (note the daffodil for scale).

Loki's already been through the mill. He had a hernia that rapidly grew from the size of a peanut to the size of a softball. Fortunately, his breeder is a kind, compassionate man and elected to have the hernia repaired ending the problem, shall we say, permanently.

When I was growing up, one dog (or one cat) was the norm. Somehow, once I became an adult, I started living with animals in multiples:
  • Ted and Foster Grant (cats)
  • Foster Grant and Spot (cats)
  • Spot and Django (cats)
  • Spot, Django, and Skimbleshanks (two cats and a boy [who is still with us])
  • Spot, Django, and Tucker (cats and a dog)
  • Django and Tucker (cat and dog)
  • Tucker and Buddha Boy (a dog and another boy [who is also still with us])
  • Tucker and Squeak (dogs)
  • Tucker, Squeak, and Sadie (large, small, and medium dogs -- interesting times!)
  • Tucker and Sadie (dogs)
  • Tucker and Annie (dogs)
  • Annie and Loki (dogs)
With each new member of our animal family, we don't want to replace the animal we've lost. Rather, we want to add a new personality who will bring her or his own unique charms into the chaos of our home. Each one has been much loved and by us all.

OK, I've just given a battery recharge to Loki. I'm sitting in an armchair with my laptop on my lap. He climbed up and gave me the best cuddle. SpecialEd took some pictures, and I may just post one, because this new kid is just so gosh-darn cute!

Tucker would be so happy to know that we've recovered from our sorrow at losing him and chosen the joy of more golden years.

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