Friday, May 9, 2008

Da Goodz from MS&W

Here we go, kids: my haul from the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival! [Note: If you don't care about fiber-related stuff, then you may leave the room. Go on. We'll wait.]

OK, now that it's just us, let me show you all my goodies!

First, some hand-crafted soap from Leslie's Garden -- it smells good enough to eat! Next to it is a wonderful cherry diz and diz-picker thing, a yarn gauge, and a felting needle tool.

One of my must-buy purchases: a wonderful drop spindle from ... uh ... I'm going to have to do a little research on this one. And, next to it, a Golding spindle, walnut and malachite bands. Believe me, neither one of these babies is going to be a "drop" spindle!

Let's see ... On the left to right, we have here's 2 pounds of lusciousness from another vendor whose name eludes me. And on the right, we have a 1-1/2 pounds of sari silk. Mmm!

Next are 1-1/2 pounds of Peachy Pink and 1-1/2 pounds of Blue Tie Die from yet another vendor whose name I'm too lazy to look up.

All in all, not a bad haul! I wish there were sheep and wool festivals all the time in this area, but SpecialEd and my checkbook are pretty glad that this is a once-a-year splurge.

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