Monday, November 3, 2008

Countdown to Stitches East

In just five days I'll be headed south to Stitches East in Baltimore. My LYS, Stitches with Style, is hosting a road trip, and I'm pretty jazzed that I'm not going to have to drive. It's not that bad a drive, but the steering wheel would probably get in the way of my knitting on the return trip.

I don't have an actual budget and I don't have a specific shopping list. I suspect that this is a bad idea. I have the feeling that once I walk through the convention center's doors and smell the wool and see the colors and textures, I'm pretty much going to be in a daze.

However, I'll be in good company, as loads of fellow Ravelers plan to be there. We'll be having a meetup at noon, and it'll be pretty neat to put faces to names (Ravelry and "real-world"). It's going to be a blast. I'll be proudly wearing my Red Hen Ravelry pin, so look for me and say hi. If you have to wave your arms in front of my eyes or snap your fingers to bring me 'round, that's fine by me.

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