Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No matter how you spell it, fiber/fibre therapy is good for what ails me

2009 is The International Year of Natural Fibres!

While I was Raveling today, I stumbled on mention of this year as being the International Year of Natural Fibers (Fibres, to my Canadian and British brethren and sistren).

How exciting is that? I'm surrounded by sheep, goat, dog, cotton, and most likely cat (miss you, Spot, Django, and Foster Grant!) fibers here. I have too many knitting projects to keep track of ... most likely because I have some degree of ADD--oh, look! something shiny! My spinning wheel and drop spindles are ever-present and ever-ready. All 40 samples in the sheep study have been washed and are waiting their turn on the wheel or spindle. It's just fiberriffic!

When I picked up the needles after a lengthy hiatus, I just thought maybe I'd make a scarf or two with (*shudder*) eyelash, acrylic, or other "dead" yarn. The smooth flow of the yarn and the smooth action of the bamboo needles were soothing -- just the sort of therapy I could use.

So I bought some wool yarn and happened to mention to SpecialEd how many different types of yarn there were, and it wold be so cool to be able to knit something with yarn I'd made. I honestly wasn't dropping any hints. However, when Christmas rolled around, there was my Kromski Sonata and some Coopworth roving, just calling my name.

So here I am, two years later, so heavily addicted to fiber that I have to have a dose every day. Life is very good.

The only thing that could possibly make things better would be my own tiny flock of pocket-sized sheep.

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