Thursday, October 8, 2009

And she says she's not creative

My friend Lisa sent this around to the gang this morning and suggested I post it here, since I enjoyed it so much.

Here is part of the home page for J. Crew.

I was stunned and disturbed to read the tag line, "The Answer to Your Pant Prayers."

First of all, who prays for pants? Are we really that shallow that we must appeal to God for the latest fashions?

Secondly, who in their right mind would pray for THESE pants? (Note that the model herself looks a bit deranged.)

The prayer have gone something like this:
"Dear God, please smite the designers at J Crew with the fashion sense of a drunken hobo so that they will produce pants that 1% of the women in America could feasibly wear but that 90% of the population will think they can wear. Please make these pants so form-fitting that our butt cheeks, panty lines, and camel toes will be visible to all, and so short that we look like we're waiting for the next tsunami, AMEN."

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