Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fair Hill Scottish Games

Saturday was the 50th Annual Fair Hill (Maryland) Scottish Games. The day was -- glorious!
Everywhere you looked there were men in kilts.
Nicely turned calves were in abundance.
As were nicely knitted kilt hose. My, my!
Nice socks, fella! Um, someone needs to take these lovely lads aside and explain to them that proper laddies always sit with their knees together.
I mean, seriously. The judging table for the pipe and drum bands was sitting right across from where our fiber guild was set up. So after watching each band perform, I and everyone else on that side of the field saw more manly thigh than some might deem seemly. All I can say is, thank goodness these guys were fully kitted up with their sporrans.
It was great to see so many women participating.
And girls, too.
The boys were fairly represented, too.
Hard work builds character!
Hey ... knees together, buddy.
Lots and lots of dogs attended, including this little heartbreaker. His owner very graciously allowed me to kiss his forehead and fondle his silky ears.
This is Corky, a highlands cow (I think that's the right name). He's a very sweet, placid guy, and his haircut reminds me of the one that Skimbleshanks sports. Well, to be fair, most of the 15-year-old boys wear their hair like this.
So, our fiber guild attended the games to demonstrate spinning and weaving. The loom was already prestrung as you see here. The small bobbins of grayish thread were spun by four of us throughout the day.
The finished piece, a shawl, was to be auctioned off to the highest bidder at 3:00 p.m.
Almost done!
And here it is. What a beautiful piece of fabric! Linda (holding it) was the highest bidder -- lucky her!
This is me, late in the day, spinning silk. (Photo credit: my big bruddah)
So, to recap, nice legs.
Drummers of all ages.
But all with the same intensity.
Except this guy. He was about the same size and shape as his drum, and he was rocking and rolling and having a grand time.
Pipers, too, were into the day. The guy second from the right was completely absorbed and paced throughout the tune.
So, as I wrap this up and say goodbye to the Scottish Games, I leave you with this image ...
Men in kilts ... le sigh!


  1. Hey - thanks for posting these! It was an awesome day. That's me facing the camera with my tenor sticks in the air over your caption about so many women participating. It was our band's first time at Fair Hill and we will definitely be back. Great crowd, everything ran smoothly, we loved it!

  2. Hey, Lynne! Thanks for your kind words. This was my first time at the games, and I can't wait to go back.