Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You realize, of course, this means war

The day started like any other. It was a beautiful, early-summer morning, and sunlight streamed into the yard. I sauntered from the back deck out into the grass, heading for my little garden.
I could see the beans working their way up the white trellis and the newly planted tomatoes squatting near the ground, gaining the strength for their explosive growth.
Gaa! What the hell was that?! The telltale hole leading under the shed ... he's back ... oh, the horror! Our elusive groundhog, Fat Bastard, was back, and he obviously was making himself at home.
I don't know that I've planted enough to be able to share.
Bugs Bunny, one of our household heroes, rarely instigated fights; however, when forced to fight, he invariably won. It remains to be seen which of us -- the novice gardener or Fat Bastard -- will be playing the role of Bugs.

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