Thursday, September 27, 2012

A box o' socks!

I went to Goodwill yesterday. As I always try to do, I brought things to donate (two boxes of clothes that, alas, no longer fit) before I went into the store.

I found two sweaters that I'll be raveling (unraveling?) and two whose yarn is too tender for the ripping out process and are thus destined for the felting pile.

But that's not what's got me all excited. Check this out:
It's a sock kit!
And not a kit for just any old socks, either.
Argyle -- squeeee!
The yarn in the box hadn't even been taken out, although the plastic wrapping wasn't intact. (Sorry the pic isn't centered. I'm a reforming perfectionist, so even though I'm itching to retake this one, I'll be strong and ignore the impulse.)
The insert looks and feels fairly dated. I don't know ... maybe from the 1960s or 1970s? And now that I've written that, I guess that means I'm fairly dated, too -- ha!
And there's the chart. But wait, there's more!
Two other charts. Fortunately, the choice is a no-brainer. I'm all about the argyle, baby.

All in all, not a bad find for just $3, eh?
The $3.00 was the original sale price; you can see the Goodwill sticker in the first picture. Nice to see that inflation hasn't had an adverse effect on a box o' socks.

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