Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nerd Wars Tournament 5

Now that I've participated in all five Nerd Wars tournaments, it dawned on me that I should be keeping track of what I've done. Not too quick on the uptake, obviously.

For the first challenge, I knit a pair of socks. (They snugged up a bit after a tumble in a lingerie bag and drying on sock blockers.)
The challenge was to create something that was inspired by one of the Google doodles. I thought that this kid needed some socks, so I used yarn reclaimed from a Dean's sweater and ta-dahh!

For the second challenge, I knit a skirt.

Too bad it was about a billion degrees out when I had Skimbleshanks take these pics. Too bad as well that I didn't have on Spanx ... or double Spanx, for that matter. Oh, well. I still love the skirt and can't wait to wear it this fall.

For the final challenge, I knit another pair of socks in one category (green hand-spun) and finished knitting a long-abandoned sock (multi-hued and challenging!) in another category.

So there you have it: Tournament 5. I hope to post my previous Nerd Wars projects ... hope being the operative word here. :o)

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