Sunday, February 25, 2007

Want to Be a Happy Shopper, Too?

I went to one of my favorite stores today: Costco. I love the big, open spaces and the brightly lit merchandise. I love being able to buy Dockers for only $15 (no tax here in Delaware, either) and more toilet paper than any one household – even ours, where the plunger is put to use at least once every week … but that’s another story – can use in half a year.

My extensive experience as a happy Costco shopper may be of use to you. I present 9 tips that can help you become a happy Costco shopper, too.

  1. Make a list and remember to take it with you. Believe me, you’ll forget what you need when you see the treasures await you.

  2. Flow with traffic, not against it. A big-box store provides big, bad shopping carts. Let’s be safe out there.

  3. Take a minute to try out the shopping carts or the flatbed-type carts. You’ll feel more confident about controlling whichever you choose, and your fellow shoppers’ ankles will be eternally grateful.

  4. Yes, it’s a good price. Trust me. Just throw it in your cart and move on.

  5. Yes, you need it. See #4.

  6. Give yourself enough time. I shop because I have to, not for pleasure or for sport. If you like looking, touching, hefting, checking, and all those other –ings that go with shopping, get there well before closing time.

  7. Grab the good cardboard boxes that have been emptied of stock. They are really handy when you’re loading your car.

  8. Be prepared for checking out: Costco only accepts cash, debit card, check, or American Express. It would be pretty painful to have to leave your hard-earned merchandise behind. (Note: Some Costcos do have magical money machines.)

  9. Eat at the food court. The food is good, hot, and comes in very generous portions. Plus, where else can you get a Hebrew National and a drink for only $1.50? Very nice.

    There you have it: 9 handy tips for you to use when you become a Costco shopper. A happy Costco shopper. Say hi if you see me!

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