Monday, March 26, 2007

A Beautiful Day for the Blues

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Dela-where. It was just the right kind of day for dying some wool. I’m nearing the bottom of a big bag o’ Romney wool ("Sally") from SkyLines Farms. This wool, from the lovely Sally, is wonderful to dye. Even though I’m a beginner at the whole dying business, I was able to produce fantastic results with my very first pot. The one drawback is that the process fills the house with the tangy aroma of vinegar. Oh, well. It’s a small price to pay. Just look at that basket full of fluffy sky-blue wool just begging to be spun into something wonderful! If I can nail down this whole posting-pictures-to-Blogger issue, I'll share.

The Sally I dyed just before St. Patrick's day is taking shape as a pair of socks. If you haven't tried knitting socks, give it a go. They're portable, quick, and a great blank canvas for trying out all sorts of fancy-schmancy stitches. My favorite part of the entire process is turning the heel. There's something almost magical about creating a gently cupped piece of fabric in just a few easy rows. Let me tell you: once you've turned your first heel, there's no turning back.

As if I don't have enough fiber to play with, I'm expecting half a fleece of CVM/Romeldale sometime next week ... mere days after this week's shearing. Such excitement!

Naturally, since it's spring, I expect to be awash in golden retriever fur starting right about *achoo!* now.

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