Sunday, March 4, 2007

Why would a pirate wear a patch over a good eye?

We've been watching MythBusters lately at Casa de Say This. Where else are you going to find the truth behind exploding pants, pyramid power, paper crossbows, and pirate eyepatches?

The primary mythbusters are Adam and Jamie (the former is a ginger-haired giggler and the latter is a dour walrus-mustachioed gent). Both are special effects professionals who bring their expertise to bear on a variety of myths, proving them either plausible or busted. The second string of mythbusters are Kari, Grant, and Torey -- a sculptor/painter/actor, electronics and radio-control whiz, and model-builder, respectively.

You'll be able to enjoy explosions, nasty messes, and a lot of general silliness. And you and your kids will actually be learning about chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and, thankfully, safety

How many balloons will you need to float away? Was Ben Franklin's kite-flying adventure really electrifying? Should you run in a straight line or zig zag when a crocodile chases you? I know the answers now, thanks to the MythBusters.

Why would a pirate wear a patch over a good eye? Why, so that he or she would be able to fight equally well in bright light or in the dark below deck, depending on which eye was uncovered.)

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