Monday, February 18, 2008

News from Hershey

The fine folks at Hershey have gotten in touch ...

Thank you for contacting us about HERSHEY®’S KISSABLES™ Candy Coated Mini Kisses®. I am sorry you were disappointed and appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

A great deal of care is used in our manufacturing and distribution processes to ensure that consumers receive quality products. Since the basic ingredients are agricultural products, subtle flavor changes from soil, temperature, and rainfall conditions may sometimes be detected by consumers.

Our products can absorb odors from strongly scented products such as soap, detergents, spices, moth balls and petroleum products. This can happen if the product is stored too closely to such items. Printed instructions on the shipping cases inform all distributors of the proper handling and storage of Hershey's products.

We apologize for the problem you experienced with our product. You will receive reimbursement by postal mail in 2-4 weeks.

We appreciate your loyalty as a consumer.

Hmm. I'm feeling lukewarm about this. A refund is certainly nice, but what I really want is some mouth-watering chocolate. Maybe the refund check will arrive nestled in a big ol' box of Kissables! We shall see...

1 comment:

  1. So let's see if I understand this. Hershey's swapped out the cocoa butter in their Kissables.

    Then you wrote to them to say that you noticed something was different in these recent purchases and they blamed it on storing it next to fabric softener?

    Why do you think it was that they didn't just say, "Oh, we swapped out the native cocoa butter for some other tropical oils responsible for deforestation, because they're cheaper and we didn't think you'd notice."

    I had similar problems just getting the ingredients list for the Krackel bar out of them. (Well, I was unsuccessful and got no coupons for my trouble.)