Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bleeding Hearts and Bleeding Gums

It's still a bit too cool here for my favorites -- Bleeding Hearts -- to be out and about. Every spring I take loads of pictures of them before they disappear under the hostas and English ivy.

I showed you that picture to make up for the next one.

My spring break hasn't been a break at all. I work for "the man" all day, and I'll be attending karate classes, as usual.

As other parents will attest, spring and winter breaks are ideal times to schedule doctor, dentist, chiropodist, etc., etc., etc., appointments. This morning Skimbleshanks had an appointment with our friendly neighborhood oral surgeon.

I give you, ladies and gentleman, our happy little takeaways from this morning's adventure. And all for the low, low price of $600+. But the boy's happy as a clam and I survived without incident, so all is well.

Again, my apologies for this picture. Spring is coming. I'll have pretty flower pictures soon ... I promise.

Here: have some cakewaffle. You'll feel better.

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