Saturday, November 29, 2008

Domestically Disabled

I've had lots of great dreams, and not one involved my house being clean. See more of Anne Taintor's work here.

After shoveling the clothes off the floor in my bedroom, I've had loads of laundry to do. Interestingly, I found winter clothes from last year that I hadn't put away.

I am missing the housekeeping gene. My brother is neat and tidy. My mother is organized. My father is positively anal retentive in his housekeeping. Maybe my parents did find me under a cabbage rose, just like my mother always told me.

Well, I have just one more morning to sleep in. And how wonderful it's been! I think I'm still trying to catch up on sleep I lost once Skimbleshanks arrived. I swear, I could just curl up on the floor (not mine, of course; see above) and be asleep in five minutes.

Now that the floor in my bedroom is actually exposed (there's carpet down there ... who knew?), now Loki will be able to curl up on the floor, rather than on formerly clean clothes, and go to sleep. Of course, he'll still wind up on our bed in the morning. What a life! Naturally, he doesn't care if the house is clean. I just love that dog.

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