Friday, November 21, 2008

Loki Goes on a Picnik(.com)

A few more examples of what you can do when you take your pictures on a Picnik.

Here we have Loki, our water dog. This was taken one of his many photo-ops during a hurricane this fall. We didn't have any damage, just loads of rain and rivers of mud. The rivers of mud were in our house. Courtesy of Loki.

Note: I really do love my kids; however, my dogs are much more cooperative when it comes to sitting for pictures.

After I've cropped the picture a little, taken care of the doggy red eye, and given the colors a bit of a boost, I'm just about good to go. I added a frame and legend, and now my handsome muddy guy is just as handsome as can be.

I especially like that he looks a lot less like a devil dog and a lot more like a dog who realizes that he may have done something wrong. Please note the half-hearted grin.

Speaking of handsome, this picture was taken the day after we brought Loki home. What a beautiful baby he was! I wanted to crop out the shaven spot on his tummy (he'd had a hernia repaired before we adopted him) and focus on his face in all its rounded babyness.

Presto change-o! Doesn't this picture just melt your heart? If it does, may I refer you to pictures one and two? If you're going to love a golden retriever, you have to have a high tolerance for dirt, destruction ... and devastating cuteness.


  1. Love Goldens! Just met a baby one the other day and he was just so soft and a love.