Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Marbles -- I Still Have Them

I downloaded this image from here. You'll find an awesome selection, and it's all f*r*e*e. And, as I like to say, "If it's free, it's me!"

It's 24 hours later, and my headache is -- drum roll, please -- gone. Yeah, baby!

Granted, it took most of the day, more decongestants, two Excedrin Migraine, diet Coke (with caffeine), and a lie-down with my trusty hot rice bags, but I finally kicked that lousy headache to the curb.

Sheesh! I guess it's only fitting that someone as stubborn as I am would have headaches equally as stubborn.

Despite it all, I was able to accomplish quite a bit today. Let's see ...
  • Touched up my hair. Why is it that whatever gray hair I have tends to concentrate right out front, in the open, where everyone can see it? I have nothing against gray hair, but the whole gray-at-the-temples thing works so much better on men, I think. Last I checked, I'm not a guy.

  • Cleaned my everyday jewelry (wedding and engagement bands, cocktail-type ring from my favorite aunt, and my diamond earrings from SpecialEd).

  • Copied (ripped?) three Weird Al albums to my laptop. I've been meaning to do this for a long time. And I'm so proud: this is the first time I've ever copied music to my computer -- and all by myself, too!

  • Worked about 2 inches of the first of a pair of socks for SpecialEd. His feet have been "problematic," and that means that shoes are right out. What they need are some nice wool socks that are custom knit to fit just right.

  • Wrote out a check to my bruddah to pay him back for the stuff at IKEA that he put on his credit card.

  • Oversaw the burning of about a ream's worth of bills, bank statements, and other personal papers. We have a shredder, but it's intended for just one or two sheets at a time. You let that paperwork get a toe in the door, and it'll breed in the dark. This little job allowed us to get back on top of the situation, plus it enabled Skimbleshanks to burn things, something that's usually pretty near and dear to a boy's heart. It seemed to satisfy him, and he was quite cautious, which was a relief to see.

  • Wrote a check for a field trip to the Constitution Center -- and GIFT SHOP (yes, this was included on the permission slip) -- in Philly. Kids just love gift shops. Their parents? Not so much.

  • Did my roughly quarterly ironing session. Gee, what will I wear tomorrow? I have so many nice, crisp shirts to choose from!

  • Wrote my weekly post for Type-A Mom. This week's article is about the actual size of an infant's stomach. Ever wonder why babies are prone to "spitting up"? Well, it often has to do with their being overfed by the adults in their lives who are obsessed that they (the babies) get "enough" to eat. A newborn's stomach has the capacity of a thimble or a marble. Think about that for a minute. Hmm. So even if you can get a newborn to suck down an ounce or two of breast milk or formula, you'd better be prepared for its imminent return, because a newborn's stomach does not stretch. Period.
So it was a productive day, overall. And I still have about as many marbles today as I usually have. However, I expect I'll lose a few tomorrow ... when I have to go back to work for "da man."

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