Friday, November 7, 2008

Off to Stitches

OK, so this picture is from the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, not Stitches. However, it is a picture of yarn, so it'll work for this post.

Stitches East tomorrow! Two buses full of people who enjoy high-fiber diets (lame play on words, I realize) will be schlepping down to Baltimore. I've dumped out my purse and messenger bag and repacked the latter in readiness, but, as usual, I've overpacked. At least I realize why my shoulders and back ache while I carry those two things back and forth to work each day. Dang, what a packrat!

Skimbleshanks and Buddha Boy will accompany SpecialEd to an appointment at the mechanic's tomorrow morning while I'm gone. I believe that the bribe or payment for their patience will be found at Best Buy on the way home. Today was report card day, and both boys did very well. Compared to last year's so-called efforts, this marking period's results were nothing short of stellar. While I don't condone payment of actual greenbacks for good grades, neither do I see anything wrong with recognizing a good job, well done and rewarding the boys for their efforts. In fact, Skimbleshanks has been receiving tutoring in Algebra 2, just to keep up with the demanding pace. This is some tough stuff for an 8th grader, and I'm really proud of him for making the effort and not giving up.

Back to fiber ... I imagine that I'll be a bit lightheaded from all the wool fumes tomorrow when I get back tomorrow evening. Will let you know just how awesome it was. This will be my first and probably last Stitches, since the event is moving to Connecticut next year, and the next closest location [OK, note to self: don't post to blog late at night when you're tired. Turns out that "location" was the last word I wrote. Duh!] ... will be Atlanta. Not that I wouldn't love to visit Atlanta, but I don't think our budget would look favorably at plane tickets to an event where I'd just end up spending even more money. Oh well...

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