Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back from Stitches ... and Lots to Do

One of the things I really missed, when comparing Stitches to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, was being able to see beautiful animals, such as this one. Just look at that face! There's a face that just begs to be loved.

Stitches was awesome! Any kind of yarn and every kind of yarn was there: wool, cotton, sea cell, soy, silk, Quiviut (sp? it's from musk oxen and is mind-bendingly soft), cashmere, alpaca (take another look at that cute face), and more. If you were after patterns or books about knitting, crochet, felting, or weaving, Stitches is the place to go. And there are jewelry (shawl and sweater pins and "sticks"), needles and hooks, bags and baskets, and even more.

After my first trip through the market, I was excited. After my second trip through the market, I was feeling tired, but still good. After my third trip through the market, I was on total sensory overload and had to actually leave the room and sit for 30 minutes until it was time to get on the bus. By the time I got home, I was on autopilot and spent the evening winding a hank of yarn that was bigger than my head (heck, it was bigger than my butt!) into balls and watching Total Drama Island reruns with Skimbleshanks and Buddha Boy. I thought about posting but just didn't have the energy to think. Truly.

Stitches was wonderful, and I'm glad I went. However, I think that, for me, MS&W is a better fit for me, since it has fiber, yarn, and animals. I also got a tip that Sunday was the best day to go, because the festival-going people usually go on Saturday, but Sunday was when the true fiberistas are there and have plenty of room for themselves and their bags of stash enhancement.

So, there's my recap of yesterday, and I'm counting this post as a double one (yesterday and today) as far as NaBloPoMo goes. I have loads of work today, and it's already quarter of 12. Here's my list:
  • Read the comics. (done)
  • Talk with my brother about next weekend's trip to IKEA. (done)
  • Rebandage Annie's paw. (done -- she sliced up part of one pad, and the vet had to finish by cutting the flappage off [ugh!])
  • Report on yesterday's events. (done, but I haven't photographed my loot yet -- maybe later, and maybe I'll post those pics later, too ... maybe)
  • Watch two-part DVD program. "Simply Breastfeeding"
  • Write review of DVD program and post on Type-A Mom.
  • Write and post my weekly article on Type-A Mom.
  • Forward my resume to my friend. (no, I don't care who knows that I'm doing this -- in these times and in this economy, you need to watch out for yourself, you know?)
  • Pack away the summer clothes.
  • Bring out the winter clothes.
  • Excavate the mess in the room where I'm writing this to find the remote. It's here somewhere, and I need to be in control of the TV.
  • Repack my messenger bag and purse.
  • Rake leaves into the so-called garden.

As you can see, I have just a few things to attend to. Heck, it took me 5 minutes just typing the list! Is the saying "no rest for the wicked" or "no rest for the weary"? I suppose it doesn't really matter since I pretty much fit into both categories ... especially when I have so much to do!

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