Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pattern Browser: Another Reason to Love Ravelry

Yep. That snipping (i.e., image-capture) tool is just supercalifantastic!

Another reason why I love Ravelry [yeah, this is pretty much a continuation of last night's post] is the ease with which I can find patterns that are just what I'm looking for. In this capture (you'll have to click it to see details -- sorry), I'm looking for free knitting patterns for cardigans made of sport-weight yarn. (Hmm, I see that bulky yarn has magically been selected, too. Operator error, I'm sure.)

Shazam! I have a selection of patterns to browse to find my next project.

"Rusty" looks like a good choice. When I click its name, I have access to all sorts of information ... not the least of which is that I already have added this pattern to my library. Other options are to add it to my faves or to my queue or to cast on.

I'm a note-taker and list-maker -- I can't begin to tell you how many reading lists of written over the years. Can I find them now? Of course not. Every last one of them is in that mystical place: Somewhere Safe. With Ravelry, I don't have to have pencil or paper -- it's all online, and Ravelry becomes my Somewhere Safe, except now I know exactly where that info is when I need it.

To go back to last night's post about groups ... One of the groups I belong to is RU: Ravelry Underachievers. This group is for all of us who aren't living up to the full potential of Ravelry. How cool is that? At least I'm not alone! Just in the volume of posts alone, I'm an incredible underachiever. I guess I spend too much time sightseeing around the Ravelry world.

Here's another group: Will Write for Yarn. Yeah, barter is alive and well in Ravelryland. Oh, and even though it's still in beta, Ravelry has more than 218,000 members. That's a lot of fiber enthusiasts!

I knit so that I do not kill people -- what a great group! Here's a place where you can go and vent. It's expected. It's mandatory. And your fellow members will chime in and support you. Love it!

That's it for now. Time for the dogs' last potty break and good-night biscuit. I'll see if I can think beyond Ravelry for tomorrow's post. Promise.

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