Monday, November 17, 2008

Sharing Sadness

Here's my wonderful Tucker. I miss him.

I've just sent notes of sympathy to two special people. The first is one of the nurses who comes to our house to play footsie with SpecialEd. Well, maybe not footsie, but she does help keep his footsies is the best shape she can. Nurse Rose had to say goodbye to her dog, Casey, today, after a brief illness.

Our other friend, Nancy (Longridge Farm), had to say goodbye to her dog, Shelley, today, too. Shelley's health was declining, but she did rally for a last hurrah before quietly dying while with Nancy.

Having to say goodbye to our friends and companions is one of the prices we have to pay for loving them. Each farewell is heart- and gut-wrenching, and I'm crying right now while I'm sitting here, typing this. Sure, the pain fades, but the ache in your heart is there, hidden away until something pulls aside that curtain. Ta-daaah! Here you go: how 'bout another taste of that sadness, hmm? Ugh.

OK, I'm getting it together, because this this isn't about me, it's about two special friends. Rose and Nancy: please know that you're in my heart. I've alerted Tucker to keep his eyes open for two new friends to play with.


  1. Oh, Laurel, so touching this post is. And that Tucker face! Shelley is going to love him. Thank you.

  2. Ed and Laurel, what a sweet face you posted of the Tuckster...The Tuckster...we can tell he had a wonderful and full life...
    You are right, Shelley will hassle him to no end. There is not much in this world that can make us truly weep more than the loss of a real animal pal... Jack