Saturday, November 15, 2008

Total Drama Island

Here are the campers on Total Drama Island. Only one of them will emerge the winner and claim the $100,000 prize. The guy below is Chris, the host. I'm dying to know what's in the little pouch around his neck.

So who would have thought that our neighbors to the north could put out such a great cartoon? I hang my head in shame: being half Canadian myself, I never should have doubted.

Total Drama Island is a spoof of the survivor-type so-called reality shows, except this one takes place at Camp Wawanakwa on Lake Muskoka in Ontario. (I've actually been to Lake Muskoka. It was gorgeous.) The 22 campers compete in challenges each week. Some of the challenges are benign (creating a meal for the host) but some are nasty (such as having to eat a multi-course Brunch of Disgustingness). One camper each week is voted off the island during the campfire ceremony, where those who get to stay each receive a marshmallow. The loser has to walk the "dock of shame, board the ship of losers, and can never return ... ever."

I was a little nervous when I learned that the campers were all teens. I guess I had visions of hormones running amok. Fortunately, that doesn't happen. What does happen is that each of the campers is a more-or-less stereotypical teenager: the goth girl, the nerdy guy, the brainless bimbo, the genius, the scheming chick, the athlete, and the counselor in training are just a few.

I've really enjoyed each of the 24 episodes (we're now down to three campers). Since it comes on at the same time as The Office, we tape TDI and all watch it on Friday evening. If you want a megadose, Cartoon Network runs the four most recent episodes back to back on Saturday evening from 7 to 9 p.m.

If you like some clever writing and have a high tolerance for typical adolescent humor, check it out.

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