Friday, November 14, 2008

The Word of the Evening: Blort

Can't you just smell the awesome tastiness? Mmm! Spice cakewaffle (or is it wafflecake?) with melty cream-cheese frosting. Life is good!

Tonight I had dinner with my posse, the LOST gang: Lisa, Barbara, Judy, Kathy, Sally, Jen, and Elizabeth. (Kerry wasn't feeling well, so we'll catch up with her later, probably in January. Feel better soon, Kerry!)

We had dinner at Cafe Napoli (here's a link to the menu), which is just a little hole-in-the wall restaurant in a nearby shopping center. It was awesome. This shopping center has a Pathmark, Kohl's, and A.C. Moore in it, so it's always busy. Over the years I've seen lots of cars parked at the curb in front of Cafe Napoli and didn't think anything of it ... well, maybe I thought that some people really needed to learn to park in the parking lot with everyone else. I'd heard that the food was good, but really didn't quite get it.

Tonight, I got it.

We started with fried things, always the best way to start a meal. We shared calimari, broccoli bites, and, my favorite, onion rings. I could have just stayed with the broccoli and onions and been happy. I had shrimp and linguine with marinara sauce. It arrived, steaming hot, in a quantity that was about the same size as my head. It was really tasty, and I have lots of it left for lunch tomorrow ... and probably for dinner, too. Being a glutton for punishment, I finished with a cannoli that was bursting with sweet ricotta inside and ribbons of chocolate over top of it and the plate. I especially liked that they'd used an extra spoonful of ricotta on the plate to keep the cannoli from rolling around. Mmm!

As soon as I came home, I changed into my fatty McFatfat pants so that I could be comfortable. And what was the sound I heard when I unzipped my jeans? Yep: "Blort!" Ahh! It's nice being able to let it all hang out ... even if I do have to listen to the teasing of Skimbleshanks (who could easily use an extra 10 pounds -- or 20) and Buddha Boy.

Would I eat a dinner like that again? As the good governor of Alaska might say, "You betcha!"

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