Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Germs Have Me on the Ropes

Oh, Natalie Dee. You do amuse me.

I've fought it for five weeks now, but my allergies have invited some of their germy friends to come on over, and now I'm sick. It's just goopy, coughy, "so tired I'll curl up on the floor" sick, though, not one of the more challenging GI bugs. You know the kind: you end up sitting on the toilet while you puke into the trashcan. If you've never experienced that, count yourself lucky.

I try to keep my personal area as germ free as I can without being neurotic or Felix Unger-ish about it. At work I'm barraged by germs, because I'm in the minority of people who believe that it's good manners (not to mention less gross) to cover one's mouth when sneezing or coughing. Oh, it's a germ extravaganza where I work, and you'll never hear "Sorry about filling up the immediate area with my germs." Tsk, tsk.

And for the sake of those of a more delicate nature, I won't even go into the daily barrage of rude noises emanating from certain offices. All I can say is that when my kids (both of whom are boys, mind you) do the same, they always follow with an "excuse me."

So it's about 10 of 4:00 on a cold, gray Saturday afternoon. After coughing until 2 this morning, I'm in prime condition for a nap. I'm still bound and determined (note to self: find out where that expression originated) to avoid a trip to the doctor's office for antibiotics, but I'm getting closer all the time.

Oh, and I just have to add that those three days of sick time I get each year are long gone, naturally. The germ originator? Well, that individual has all of this year's sick time, plus time carried over from previous years. That's bound to happen when you show up for work, regardless of how sick -- and infectious -- you may be.

Enough whining: bed calls.

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