Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We have a winner!

Wow! It's hard to believe it, but I actually churned out 50,000+ words in 30 days. Not only that, but I did it while dealing with my everyday life, which is chaotic at best. And, on top of it all, I had two rather intense freelance jobs arrive right in the middle of the whole thing.

Well, it just goes to show [me] that if I can write that much while dealing with all that, then I guess I really am a writer.

Yeah, I know. I've been earning my living for the past mumblemumble years as a writer, but I've always had to qualify the "I'm a writer" statement by adding "but not that kind of writer." Now that I've won National Novel Writing Month two years in a row, I can hold my head up and say that, yes, I am that kind of writer.

I hope that you consider NaNo'ing along next November ... or just write whenever you feel like it. I really think that we're all writers -- yes, that kind of writer.

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  1. Way to go Laurel!! We Know you are a you do too Whan can I read?